Authenticity & FAQ


Who are we?

We started in sneakers in early 2016 by creating the first MTHOR sneaker restock alert system.
Thanks to this service we were able to create our own network of resellers and forwarders all over the world.
We are therefore experts in sourcing and purchasing at the grassroots.
In 2021, we decided to become independent on the resale part by creating Supplythebest.
The Supplythebest team is constantly growing, we have a team of people in design, communication, marketing, and Supplychain.
From now on, we therefore master the Supply Chain from A to Z in the sneakers market.

How can I contact you?

Send us a message on our WhatsApp +33 7 82 79 42 82 or an email to:

Where are your warehouses?

We authenticate and ship all our products from our warehouses located in the south of France: Saint-Laurent-Du-Var, Sophia-Antipolis & Roquefort-les-Pins.

Do you have a store?

Yes, we have a store in the largest shopping center in France in the luxury section:
CAP 3000, Space Capsule.
Avenue Eugène Donadeï,
06700 Saint-Laurent-du-Var


How do you go about selling & ensuring the availability of limited and out-of-stock products?

We source our supplies through our own network of resellers: MTHOR.
Are the products genuine? If so, how do you guarantee it?
Yes, all of our products are genuine.
When the products arrive on our premises, they pass through the hands of our agents who ensure their authenticity. They follow our own procedures to verify that the pairs are genuine, we have more than 10 years of expertise and we have a perfect understanding of the fake market and how to recognize a counterfeit as a result.
Are the products new and never worn with all of their accessories?
Yes all products are new and never worn.
When the products arrive on our premises, they pass through the hands of our agents who ensure their conditions: pairs, boxes, associated accessories available.


Are the products for men or women?

All our products are mixed.

How does it size?

The size varies according to the shape of the pair, the brand, your foot morphology etc ...
Here is our size guide where you will find the sizes in cm: here

How are the prices determined?

Prices are set as fair as possible based on demand on the secondary resale market & competition.
In fact, the products are out of stock on the primary market (brands and their distributors).
Is it possible to have a promo code?
Yes! Use this code: STB10


What are the shipping terms?

We deliver in France and all over the world.
We use several transport providers, it will depend on the destination.
Our deadlines are 10 to 12 working days.
Our deadlines are 2 working days if the product is available in our stock, if this is the case it will be mentioned when you select the size.
After your order, the product is ordered through our own network of MTHOR resellers or found with a private individual. In either case, it passes our authentication process. You are notified of the follow-up by email

What are the shipping fees ?

Shipping costs are 100% free.
There are 0 customs fees.

How can I track my shipment?

After your order, you will receive the tracking by email within a maximum of one day.
If this is not the case send us an email to

Is the delivery guaranteed?

Yes 100% refunded in case of loss of the package by the carrier.


Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes, send us an email to with your order number.

In the event that you wish to modify the order and the price changes, you will be asked to pay the difference. Otherwise the difference will be refunded.

How to cancel or modify an order paid in 4 installments with Alma?
If you wish to cancel your order placed by Alma, send us an email at We will reimburse you for the monthly payments already taken (including fees) and cancel the following ones.
If you wish to modify or exchange your order placed with ALMA, send us an email at
If you exchange or modify a product whose price is lower than the original product, we will refund the difference to you by deducting it from the last monthly payment. Otherwise, we will send you a payment link allowing you to pay the difference in one go, by credit card.


What are the payment options?

We accept payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or other) and payment via PayPal.
We also accept cryptocurrency payments in BTC & ETH.
It is also possible to choose the option of payment in 4 installments for an order of 100 € minimum via our partner ALMA.

Simply select the option in 4 installments to pay for your purchase and thus spread the payment over 4 months in a secure manner.

How does the 4-deadline mode work with ALMA?

To benefit from the payment option in 4 monthly installments:
If you want to place an order, the total amount of your order must be 100 € minimum. Simply select the Alma - Payment in 4 installments option to pay for your purchase and thus spread the payment over 4 months in a secure manner. Your order is taken into account and processed within our usual deadlines of 10 to 12 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays). This option involves a charge of 2.25% of the total amount of the order. Please note, payment in 4 installments only works for French, Belgian and non-prepaid cards.
ALMA may ask you for documentary information such as proof of income or identification to make sure you are able to spread your payment.

How to pay the rest of the monthly payments with ALMA?

If you wish to pay the difference before the 4th month, you can do so by contacting our financial partner ALMA at:


What is a gift card used for?

- If you are unsure of the size.
- If you want to buy for someone but you are not sure about their preferences.

How to use gift cards?

Once ordered, you will receive an email with your corresponding code. This code gives you the right to order the amount indicated on our site.
You will need to enter the code at the payment step to take advantage of the code.

Is there a time limit for using the gift card?

Yes, the term is 1 year from the date of purchase.
You will therefore have time to find the pair of your choice among our many models.

Who can use the gift card?

Anyone, they are not nominative.
Once the purchase is made, you will receive a code via your email. So you can easily share it with the person of your choice

Can I use the gift card for multiple purchases?

The value of your gift card is greater than the amount of your purchase, no worries!
There is no purchase limit.
Simply use the code on your 1st order, you will be able to use the remaining amount later, 1 year maximum after the date of purchase of your gift card.

The amount of your Gift Card is less than the amount of your item?

No problem, you will have to pay the remaining amount.